Sahara Issue, ‘keystone’ of Morocco’s National Unity – African Magazine –

The African magazine “Geoafricapress” highlighted the speech delivered Saturday by His Majesty King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the 46th anniversary of the Green March, in which the Sovereign stressed in particular that for Morocco, its Sahara is not for negotiation. Claiming the territorial integrity of the Kingdom during the speech marking the 46th anniversary of the Green March, HM King Mohammed VI focused his speech on its recognition at the UN and the decision of more than twenty-four countries in the world to open a consulate in Laayoune or Dakhla, wrote, Sunday, the Congolese journalist, Driss Senda, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, noting that this confirms the broad support for the Moroccan stance. In an article entitled “Morocco: The Sahara question is the keystone of the Kingdom’s national unity”, the journalist pointed out that “for Morocco, its Sahara is not up for negotiation. Today as in the past, the Moroccanness of the Sahara will never be on the agenda of any negotiation”. “This cause validated by the annals of history as a deep wish and an ardent desire of the Sahrawi population was one of the anchor points of a statement in which the Sovereign presents Morocco as a country that has experienced many achievements and multiple challenges,” noted the same source, citing the royal speech. “Morocco welcomes not only the restoration of the free movement of people and goods at the Guerguerat crossing, linking the two brotherly countries, Morocco and Mauritania, but also the sovereign decision of the United States of America to recognize the full sovereignty of Morocco over its Sahara,” the author said.