Morocco-EU Institutional Twinning Aims to Enhance Efficiency of Parliamentary Administration – Upper House Chief

The Morocco-EU institutional twinning aims to enhance the parliamentary administration’s efficiency and strengthen the performance and support provided to parliamentary advisors, speaker of the House of Advisors, Naama Mayara, said on Wednesday. In a speech at the opening of an expertise mission conference on design and parliamentary strategy implementation, Mayara noted that this mission can only be “judicious” in multiple ways, adding that this is part of Component 1 of Morocco-EU institutional twinning. “This mission of expertise comes at the right time, in order to design and implement a strategic plan covering the House of Advisors’ field of action for the period 2021-2023,” he added. The speaker took this opportunity to reiterate his firm commitment to carry out this twinning, hoping that this mission will allow experience sharing and the adoption of recommendations that meet the needs of this House, based on the experience and practices of the French Senate. In this sense, he estimated that a coordination with organizations in different EU member states parliaments will allow for a better understanding of various issues, providing solutions in terms of organizational strategies, subject of the next expert missions in February 2022.