Spanish Expert Pedro Canales Exposes Algiers ‘Belligerent, Accusatory Tone’ Against Morocco

Spanish political expert Pedro Canales has exposed the “belligerent and accusatory tone” used by the Algerian authorities against Morocco. Pedro Canales, a former correspondent of several Spanish media outlets in Morocco and editorialist of the magazine “Atalayar,” said in an interview with MAP that Morocco made it known that it “did not want war; and for there to be war, there must be two protagonists.” “However, taking into account the warlike and accusatory tone of Algiers, a partial confrontation could take place but it would be limited in time and space,” added Canales. According to the Spanish expert, “there is a possibility that the decisions taken by the Algerian government to sever diplomatic relations and close the airspace to Moroccan aircraft were an irresponsible response to the position expressed by the Moroccan ambassador to the UN Omar Hilale” on the self-determination of the Kabyle people. “However, it is surprising to see that Algiers has not taken into account, and has not said anything, after the speech of King Mohammed VI, in which he stated that the people of the Maghreb want peace and cooperative development,” pointed out Canales. Recalling “moments of dire bilateral tension” experienced between Morocco and Algeria in 1963 (sand war) and 1976 (battles of Amgala), Pedro Canales said that “the seriousness of the current situation comes primarily from the fact that Algeria does not accept the outstretched hand of King Mohammed VI of Morocco” to engage in dialogue.