Arab League Recommends Adoption of Unified Map of Arab World, with Complete Map of Morocco

The League of Arab States has sent a Note to all bodies and organizations under its banner, recommending the adoption of a unified map in all events they organize, attaching a map of Arab countries including the complete map of Morocco. The Arab League has sent this Note to all its bodies and organizations demanding full compliance with its content, the Moroccan News Agency (MAP) has learned from Arab diplomatic sources. The stance of the Arab League came in response to the protest expressed, recently, by the Algerian delegation to the League following the publication of the complete map of Morocco during an event organized by the Arab Women Organization in Cairo. The Arab League attached to the Note a complete map of the Arab world, including a map of Morocco that includes the southern provinces of the Kingdom. In the same context, the last meeting of Arab Ministers of Housing, held in Amman, stressed the need to respect the geography and sovereignty of states and to ensure in all events organized by bodies, federations and organizations affiliated to the Council of Arab Ministers of Housing, the publication of a complete map  of the Arab world.