Morocco Reaps Important Diplomatic Successes – Italian News Outlets

Italian media have highlighted the “important” diplomatic successes achieved by Morocco in the Sahara issue, while pointing to the blatant involvement of Algeria. “Morocco has reaped, in recent months, important diplomatic successes,” writes InsideOver, an Italian news outlet. In an analytical article, the media returns to the note addressed by the League of Arab States to all bodies and organizations under its banner, recommending the adoption of a unified map in all events they organize, attaching a map of Arab countries including the complete map of Morocco, confirming the Moroccanness of the Sahara and reaffirming its support for the territorial integrity of the kingdom. This note comes a few months before the next summit of Arab heads of state, scheduled for March in Algiers, notes the portal, which stresses that the position of the Arab League has come “to make a clear response to a protest made by the Algerian delegation against the publication of the complete map of Morocco, which includes its Sahara, at an event organized by the Arab Women’s Organization in Cairo”. ”The last ministerial meeting of Arab Ministers of Housing, held on December 14 in Amman, has stressed the need to respect the geography and sovereignty of states and ensure in all events organized by bodies, federations and organizations affiliated with the Council of Arab Ministers of Housing, to publish the complete and indivisible map of the Arab world,” recalls InsideOver. The decision of the Arab League joins that of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) which, following its last summit on December 14, supported in its final statement the Moroccan Sahara, as a “guarantee of security, stability and territorial integrity of Morocco.” The Italian media recalls that in 2020 the former US president Donald Trump had officially recognized the Moroccanness of the Sahara; a position confirmed by his successor Joe Biden. For its part, the Italian news agency “ASI” sheds light on the latest resolutions of the UN Security Council, pointing to the involvement of Algeria in the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara. “Algeria, which created the separatist movement of polisario, finances the entire propaganda campaign against Morocco,” says the Italian news agency, stressing that “the United States has played a key role in the adoption of the latest resolutions of the Council, which have revealed once again the involvement of the Algerian regime in this regional dispute”. Citing the statements of a senior official of the Administration of Joe Biden, during a press conference on the situation in the Middle East region held on December 17, the Italian media notes that “this issue is only about Morocco and Algeria,” saying that “the choice of the U.S. Administration not to mention the polisario is not insignificant.” The Security Council resolutions provide the framework for the political process and the search for a political solution to this conflict, explains the agency, noting that the common denominator of resolutions 2440, 2464, 2494 and 2548 is the need to reach a just, mutually acceptable solution based on compromise. By mentioning it by name in its various resolutions, the Security Council considers Algeria as a party to the conflict and no longer as a mere observer or a neighboring country,” comments ASI.