Anger of Military Leaders in Algeria Inflamed by Moroccan Diplomatic Superiority on Sahara Issue – Writer-Journalist –

The journalist and writer Talaa Saoud Al Atlassi underlined that the anger of military leaders in Algeria was inflamed by the Moroccan diplomatic superiority on the Sahara issue. In an article published by the news website ‘Machahid 24’, Al Atlassi stressed that the anger of the military leadership was inflamed by the Moroccan diplomatic superiority given the achievements made recently regarding the Moroccan national cause. This anger can be felt through the Algerian media, which reflects the hatred and disappointments of Algerian generals through mad criticism directed against Morocco, he pointed out. The author of the article noted that the media of the Algerian military leadership, which involves and uses several newspapers and websites, is directed against Moroccan diplomacy and against Minister Nasser Bourita in particular in a vain attempt to hide the productive and beneficial diplomatic victories made by Morocco. He stressed, in this regard, that the strong, direct and clear response to these campaigns came from Germany, recalling that the German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed it in an official message to His Majesty King Mohammed VI “with accurate words balanced by the political rhythm, as usual in the German symphonic creativity.” Al Atlassi noted that the German message injected new political momentum into relations between Rabat and Berlin, adding that the German president’s message lays down the foundations of a new relationship between the two countries. The German President also underlines, in his message, the support of his country to the development witnessed by Morocco under the leadership of HM the King, Al Atlassi said, adding that Germany also expressed its gratitude for Morocco’s active engagement in the peace process in Libya as well as for the efforts undertaken by the Kingdom in the fight against terrorism and extremism. Moreover, Germany considers Morocco’s autonomy proposal as serious and credible effort by the Kingdom and a good basis to reach an agreement to settle this regional conflict, the writer pointed out. The author of the article concluded by saying that the German move has surprised the Algerian military leadership, as the message of the German president said about Morocco and its King everything that disturbs the Algerian regime, adding that two days ago, the Algerian media was talking about the crisis of Moroccan diplomacy, including its crisis with Germany, and ironically the response came from the German president, not from Morocco!! “Indeed, the Algerian leadership has no one to write to it, neither apologizing nor consoling. It sees, hears and reads only what and who angers it,” Al Atlassi pointed out.