Moroccan Sahara Issue: Autonomy Plan Enjoys ‘Unprecedented Support’ – Europa Press

The autonomy plan, proposed by Morocco to definitively put an end to the Moroccan Sahara conflict, enjoys “unprecedented support,” said on Thursday the Spanish news agency ‘Europa Press’. Countries such as the United States, Germany and France have welcomed Morocco’s approach and highlighted the relevance of the autonomy plan to resolve this issue, the Spanish media noted. The U.S. Administration recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara in December 2019, said Europa Press, stressing that this position remains unchanged, which is a “great support” for Morocco. In addition, the German federal government has recently highlighted the importance of the autonomy proposal, describing it as an “important contribution” to settle this conflict, the news agency pointed out. In the same vein, France continues to underline that the Moroccan autonomy plan is the “only way” to end this dispute, the source added.