Algeria Fears Holding Arab Summit in Algiers over Exposure of Malicious Claims – Journalist

The Algerian regime fears the holding of an Arab summit in Algiers as it would expose its malicious claims and sound the death knell of its illusions, says Moroccan writer and journalist Talaâ Saoud Al Atlassi. In an article published by the news website Machahid 24, Al Atlassi noted that “the main concern of the Algerian regime about this Arab summit is to instrumentalize the Palestinian issue and cultivate illusions over the conflict on the Moroccan Sahara.” The author of the article stresses, in this regard, that “the Palestinian issue should not be the subject of bidding in the Arab world, to the chagrin of the Algerian regime whose maneuvers are bound to fail.” He further argues that “this issue has long been part of an Arab consensus, repeatedly reiterated at previous Arab League summits in which Algeria had willingly participated, not to mention the fact that the Palestinian State has no other claim than the respect of this consensual commitment of Arab countries.” As for the settlement process at the level of the international community of the Moroccan Sahara issue, it must be said that the Arab League has so far remained unmoved by the Algerian allegations, adopting a position of neutrality even though there is an Arab consensus (with the exception of an opposition and an abstention) on the political and operational support of the territorial integrity of Morocco. Moreover, Arab countries have no time to lose with Algeria’s maneuvers and little dirty tricks against Morocco’s sovereign right to sit in the Arab League, in addition to respecting the prerogatives, given that the settlement of the conflict over the Moroccan Sahara is the exclusive jurisdiction of the United Nations, he explains. While noting that the Algerian regime knew in advance that the member countries of the Arab League will not be fooled by its overbidding and nonsense, Al Atlassi stresses that this regime, in desperation and accustomed as it is to such maneuvers, hastened to launch, via its media and diplomatic channels, accusations against Morocco. “The Algerian regime does not want this summit to be held, seeking only to make a pretext for purposes of political bidding and instrumentalization on the internal level,” he points out. He further adds that “the Secretariat of the Arab League hastened to declare the impossibility of holding the Arab summit before next April, a way to put a stop to the Algerian regime’s rhetoric. It is also a diplomatic parade to postpone the summit to March 2023, if not purely and simply the cancellation of its holding in Algiers.” The writer underlines that “the Algerian top diplomat supports the hypothesis of not holding the Arab summit in Algiers by telling French media that his country would propose to organize it on November 1,” adding that the Arab League can not accept this as its charter sets the month of March each year as the annual appointment of the summit. “Moreover, the Arab League is not an annex of the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the mercy of moods and desiderata of the Algerian regime which harm moreover the Algerian people and institutions of the country,” says Al Atlassi. In his opinion, “the Algerian regime will present a proposal for a new date of the summit that will certainly be rejected, but it will continue to use delaying tactics behind which it seeks in truth to conceal the deterioration of the domestic situation and the incessant quarrels for power.” This is because “the Algerian regime has only one obsession; Morocco. A visceral hostility towards the Kingdom that puts at stake the potential of Algeria and postpones to the Greek calendars the hopes and expectations of the Algerian people for dignity and progress, while revealing the hidden face of the Algerian regime and its hypocrisy that shows in the incompatibility between its slogans and its actions.” On this last register, the Algerian regime which claims to be attached to the Arab unity, does not cease to multiply, in vain, the maneuvers to give birth brutally to a separatist entity in an Arab world already in prey to separatist desires which slow down its union and its development, the journalist recalls. “This hostility of the Algerian regime against Morocco exposes its deception in claiming that the holding of the Arab summit is a victory for Arab solidarity,” he writes, adding that this regime is causing a break in all communication channels on the geographical, political and economic levels, decrees the closure of land, air and sea borders and torpedoes all bridges in favor of the Maghreb Union, pan-Arabism, humanity and morality, thus passing to the trapdoor all the actions of solidarity of Morocco and its fight for the independence of Algeria. “Algerian maneuvers, which are against the grain of history and detrimental to the interests of Arab countries and especially Morocco, have, nevertheless, had the advantage of generating a massive rallying of Arab countries in favor of Morocco, its historical right and its peaceful initiatives, in favor of the UN resolution for a political, realistic, sustainable and accepted solution by all to the conflict over the Moroccan Sahara,” he points out. All this is the result of the military regime’s dalliance with the Summit and with Algeria, he writes.