Upper House Speaker Holds Talks with Several Panamanian Officials

The Speaker of the House of Advisors (upper house), Naama Mayara, held talks with several officials on the sidelines of his participation in the Annual General Assembly of the Parliament of Latin America and the Caribbean (Parlatino) in Panama. Mayara discussed with Panama’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Erika Mouynes and the speaker of the Panamanian National Assembly, Adams Navarro, ways to strengthen relations between Morocco and Panama in political, economic and humane sectors. On this occasion, Mayara stressed Morocco’s willingness to strengthen its relations with Latin American countries, in line with the strategic choice of South-South cooperation adopted by the Kingdom under the wise leadership of HM King Mohammed VI. He called, in this context, to take advantage of the opportunities available to lay the foundations of a diversified and mutually beneficial partnership. He also stressed the important role of Morocco and Panama in strengthening regional cooperation, particularly in the areas of immigration, sustainable development and the consolidation of democracy. In this regard, the upper house speaker called for a joint parliamentary action based on coordination and consultation between the legislative institutions of both countries. During these talks, Mayara reviewed the various facets of the issue of Morocco’s territorial integrity, highlighting the importance and relevance of the Autonomy Plan as a fair and realistic solution to the artificial conflict over the Sahara. For her part, Panama’s Mouynes noted the importance of strengthening cooperation and trade between the two countries by taking advantage of their respective potentials and the strategic positioning of Morocco as a gateway to Africa and the Arab world, and Panama as a global trade corridor. For his part, Navarro expressed the willingness of his country to strengthen cooperation with Morocco on several levels, highlighting the achievements made by the Kingdom in development and consolidation of the democratic process, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI. In addition, the Speaker of the Moroccan upper house held meetings with several presidents and representatives of Parliaments of member states of the Parlatino. During the opening session of the Annual Assembly of Parlatino, Mayara was awarded the Latin America’s Gran Cruz Medal of merit. On the sidelines of this event, a Moroccan space was inaugurated at the headquarters of the Latin American and Caribbean Parliament, which His Majesty King Mohammed VI kindly gave his august Name “King Mohammed VI Library”.