Agricultural Season: Latest Rainfall Has Revived Hopes – Govt. Spokesperson –

The latest rainfall has revived hopes for the current agricultural campaign, said Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament, Government Spokesman, Mustapha Baitas. The agricultural campaign is taking place in good conditions thanks to the latest rains, said Baitas at a press briefing after the Council of Government. “Certainly, we cannot reach the bumper crop of last year but this year’s harvest will be important,” he noted. He also estimated that the harvest will be good in the coming months, especially for spring crops and pulses. The Minister emphasized the contribution of the livestock sector, the largest employer in the agricultural sector, stressing that the good results expected in this sector will contribute to the stability of jobs. He highlighted the efforts made by the government through the emergency program by guaranteeing compound feed to milk producers, adding that the latest rains will contribute to the improvement of the production of the livestock sector.