PCNS Researcher Calls for Long-Term Vision to Preserve Moroccan-Spanish Relations

Larbi Jaidi, Senior Fellow at the Policy Center for the New South (PCNS), called for the establishment of the foundations of a long-term vision for the preservation of Moroccan-Spanish relations, while drawing lessons from the common past, especially in a “very tense” context. Despite the tensions that have experienced bilateral relations, the two neighboring countries have always reiterated their commitment to good neighborliness, said Jaidi who spoke in the weekly program “Tuesdays of the PCNS” organized under the theme of “the future of relations between Morocco and Spain”. The exceptional relationship between the two kingdoms compared with their regional environment has led them to show wisdom and serenity, he said. Territorial disputes remain the major problem between the two countries, Jaidi noted, calling, in this regard, to avoid these conflicts through respect for the territorial integrity of the Kingdom and to seek for solutions of complex territorial problems. He also welcomed the boldness of the political leadership in Spain, which has resulted in the new position on the Moroccan Sahara, considering this new position as a “Qualitative Leap”. The researcher also mentioned that Spain pragmatically supports, within the UN, the Moroccan plan, noting that the outstanding territorial disputes must be resolved within the framework of a far-sighted approach based on openness to the future, respecting the rights of Morocco, while taking into account mutual interests. In addition, Jaidi stressed that the management of illegal migration must be focused on a forward-looking approach, taking into consideration the socio-economic aspects, establishing the balance in co-development and supporting mechanisms to control migration flows, while creating development opportunities in Africa and Morocco.