Spain, Morocco Set up ‘New Roadmap’ Based on ‘More Solid Foundations’ – Spanish Media Outlets –

Spanish press commented on the visit paid Thursday by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, to Morocco, at the invitation of HM King Mohammed VI, noting that this trip launches a new roadmap to move forward in bilateral relations. The analyzes and comments of the Spanish media stress the importance of the decisions made public in the joint statement issued following talks between HM King Mohammed VI and the President of the Spanish Government, in particular with regard to the constitution of working groups in various areas, the normalization of the movement of people and goods and the agreement to hold the next High Level Meeting before the end of the year. Spain and Morocco are entering a “new stage” in their relationship, says Spanish newspaper “El Pais”, noting that Pedro Sanchez and HM King Mohammed VI have agreed on the implementation of the roadmap which must guide the “a new stage in their bilateral relationship”. This new climate of cooperation will take the form of a bilateral summit before the end of the year, underlines the daily. In this regard, “El Pais” stresses that the visit of the President of the Spanish government to Morocco “has made it possible to implement reconciliation between the two neighbors after 10 months of diplomatic crisis”. “Spain and Morocco are opening a new phase of relaxation to get out of the crisis”, points out, in this regard, “La Vanguardia”. Pedro Sanchez’s visit to Morocco sealed “the beginning of a new relationship between Spain and Morocco which puts an end to the long months of diplomatic crisis and political tension between the two neighbours”, adds the publication. The trip of Pedro Sanchez to Morocco, accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, “kicks off a new phase between the two countries”, notes, for its part, “La Razon”. In this regard, the Spanish newspaper underlines that the objective of Sanchez’s visit has been achieved, namely the launch of the roadmap that consolidates the new relationship, “an ambitious roadmap, worthy of two neighboring countries and partners strategic”. Sanchez opens a new “historic” relationship with Morocco in Rabat, writes the information website “”. “Today is a great day”, “it is a historic moment”, “we are establishing a spirit of genuine cooperation”, “a new stage in the relationship between Spain and Morocco”. “A true partnership for the 21st century”… The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, used all the qualifiers to talk about the results of his visit to Rabat,” says the publication. The electronic newspaper “” indicates, for its part, that the new “historic stage” between Spain and Morocco is now “a reality”. Sanchez’s visit to Morocco made it possible to “definitively close (…) the diplomatic crisis that emerged between the two countries a year ago”, adding that the “new roadmap” between Morocco and Spain is based on more solid foundations.