House of Advisors: April Session of 2021-2022 Legislative Year Opens

The House of Advisors opened, Friday, the proceedings of its second session of the legislative year 2021-2022 (April session), in accordance with the provisions of Article 65 of the Constitution and Article 18 of the Rules of Procedure of the institution. Speaking on this occasion, speaker of the House of Advisors, Naama Mayara referred to the situation where this session is held, which is characterized by the continuing repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economic and social plans as well as by the fallout of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and its impacts on the flow of trade in goods and commodities. In the spirit of enhancing the institutional capital and invest the opportunities available to improve the performance of the upper house in terms of monitoring, control and assessment, Mayara said that the legislative institution has developed a strategic action plan based on 8 major objectives, 15 baselines, 8 principles, 4 guidelines and 7 strategic objectives. These objectives are reflected in particular by the promotion of the place of the House of Advisors in the national institutional system, the improvement of legislative production, the upgrading of interventions of the House in the field of control and evaluation of public policies, strengthening the role of this legislative institution in the field of parliamentary diplomacy and foreign relations, in addition to the development of mechanisms of openness of the institution on its environment. As for the strategic goals, they consist, according to Mayara, in the strengthening of the capacities of the House of Advisors to enable it to perform its constitutional functions, the improvement of the strategic positioning of the House to enable it to play the role of parliament of the regions and to be the spokesman of professional, economic and social actors.