Sahara: President of Spanish Gov’t Made ‘Serious, Sound Corrections’ – Peruvian Academic –

President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, has made “serious and sound corrections” to Spain’s stance on the regional conflict over the Moroccan Sahara, said the President of the Peruvian Institute of Law and International Relations, Miguel Angel Rodriguez Mackay. In an op-ed published by the Peruvian daily newspaper Correio, the academic stressed that by supporting the autonomy initiative in the southern provinces of the Kingdom and the full and complete sovereignty of Morocco over this region, “Sánchez has made serious and sound corrections in connection with the Moroccan Sahara”. Sánchez’s stay in Morocco “will test his political leadership (…) given that for some inside, even at Moncloa – headquarters of the Spanish government -, and of course for his opponents, this is a major turning point, after the estrangement generated by the hospitalization of the leader of the polisario” who advocates an entity “that is not found on any serious geopolitical map of the world”, he noted. Referring to his country’s stance on the Moroccan Sahara, Mr. Miguel Angel Rodriguez Mackay said that the new Minister of Foreign Affairs of Peru, César Landa, “should have corrected a long time ago the very serious mistake of his predecessor (Oscar) Maurtua, whose foreign policy has been a diplomatic affront to Morocco”. Furthermore, the Peruvian expert highlighted the symbolism of the date chosen for the visit of the President of the Spanish government, April 7, “which marks the 66th anniversary of the end of the Spanish protectorate in this important Arab country in North Africa”.