Meeting on Activating Measures to Incorporate Amazigh Language in Administrations

Activating measures and procedures to incorporate the Amazigh language in public administrations was the focus of a meeting chaired, Friday in Rabat, by Minister Delegate in charge of Digital Transition and Reform of Administration Ghita Mezzour. During this meeting, attended by representatives of various public administrations, the minister signed a circular on the incorporation of the Amazigh language in public administrations, a statement of the Ministry in charge of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform said. Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Mezzour recalled the high solicitude of HM King Mohammed VI for the national cultural identity and its Amazigh component, highlighting the central place of the Amazigh language in the government’s program. For the minister, the objective of the circular is primarily to mobilize all available means for equal access to public services. The circular calls for the adoption of the Amazigh language and its inclusion in reception and guidance structures, public administrations’ official websites, statements to the public and transportation means affiliated with public administrations.