Strong Appreciation and Support for Al Quds Committee and its Chairman at OIC, UN

The international community’s response to Algeria’s ignominy and harassment of the Al Quds Committee, for being chaired by HM King Mohammed VI, was immediate, clear and simultaneous both in Riyadh and in New York. The Statement adopted Monday morning by the Executive Committee of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) following an extraordinary meeting in Riyadh, was like a bomb that threw Algeria off balance and confirmed its international isolation. The OIC, on which the Al Quds Committee depends, simply rejected Algeria’s delusion and confirmed the centrality of the Committee under the leadership of its Chairman HM King Mohammed VI. The central role of His Majesty the King, in His capacity as Chairman of the Al Quds Committee, also echoed on Monday in the Security Council during its quarterly debate on the Palestinian issue. The ambassadors of several African, Arab and Islamic countries highly emphasized the importance of the Al Quds Committee and praised the Sovereign’s action in defending the Palestinian cause, the Holy City and its inhabitants. Their statements were a resounding denial of Algeria’s lies against the Committee and a stinging repudiation of its anti-Moroccan hateful drift and its hijacking of the Palestinian cause with the sole aim of harming Morocco. Thus, the representative of Gabon, a member of the Security Council, praised the role of HM King Mohammed VI as Chairman of the Al Quds Committee in preserving the special status of the Holy City as a symbol of the common heritage of humanity, of peaceful coexistence between the followers of the three monotheistic religions, and as a place of dialogue and mutual respect. “It is necessary to preserve the distinctive features of Al-Quds as a city of peaceful coexistence as emphasized in the Al-Quds Appeal that HM King Mohammed VI had signed with His Holiness Pope Francis during his visit to Rabat on March 30, 2019,” he said. For his part, the representative of the United Arab Emirates, also a member of the Security Council, highlighted the efforts made by the Al Quds Committee, under the chairmanship of HM the King, for the preservation of the Holy City and in support of its people. The representative of Egypt also stressed the need to rely on all Arab and Islamic bodies concerned with Al-Quds, in particular the Al-Quds Committee chaired by HM King Mohammed VI. The representative of Saudi Arabia highlighted the important role played by the Al Quds Committee and its Chairman in preserving the distinctive features of the Holy City and protecting its populations. The same position was shared by Bahrain whose representative stressed the important role of this Committee in defending the Palestinian cause and the Holy City. For her part, the representative of Qatar emphasized on the importance of supporting the Holy City and the Maqdessis, highlighting in this regard the role of the Al Quds Committee. In the same vein, the representative of Indonesia pointed out the important role played by the Committee in safeguarding the Holy City, recalling the Al Quds Appeal signed by HM the King and Pope Francis in March 2019 in Rabat in favor of preserving the specific character of the city as a symbol of tolerance and mutual respect between the three monotheistic religions. The permanent observer of the Arab League stressed the need to support the role of the Al Quds Committee. To top it all off, Algeria, which surprised everyone for a week by speaking out against the Al Quds Committee and its Chairman in all the meetings of the regional groups, broke into a guilty silence during the Security Council’s debate on the Palestinian issue on Monday. Indeed, all delegations noted with great surprise that after blocking the statements of the Arab group, the OIC and the Non-Aligned Movement under the false excuse of requesting a meeting of the Al Quds Committee, the Algerian ambassador did not dare, nor did he have the political courage to make such a request in his national statement, thus revealing his true anti-Moroccan agenda that the UN member states know only too well.