HM the King’s Humanistic, Supportive Vision Has Breathed New Life into Africa’s Development – Ambassador

HM the King’s humanistic and supportive vision has breathed new life into Africa’s pace of development and has exhibited a reformist dynamic within the African Union since the return of the Kingdom to the organization, said Mohamed Achgalou, Ambassador to Finland, on Tuesday in Helsinki. The Moroccan diplomat’s statements came on the occasion of the 2022 Africa Day, celebrated by African diaspora in Helsinki in the presence of the Finnish Minister of Foreign Affairs Pekka Haavisto. Achgalou highlighted the humanistic vision and the commitment of the Sovereign to the continent as well as the Royal conviction rooted in the capabilities of Africa to implement its own development. Addressing the theme of this 2022 edition of Africa Day, the Moroccan diplomat stressed the importance of the agricultural and health economy in times of crisis, two areas in which Morocco stands out for its efforts and sharing of experience with its African brothers in line with its commitments and advocacy for win-win South-South partnerships and concrete solidarity actions with real effects on local populations. Recalling the current international context marked by an ever present pandemic and the situation between Russia and Ukraine, the Moroccan ambassador stressed that the decision of the 54 African leaders to make 2022 “the year of nutrition” stemmed precisely from the recognition of these challenges and the concerns they generate. “No other country has given to its African brothers as much as Morocco in times of pandemic. It will continue in this momentum of solidarity with conviction and will watch over the future of agriculture in Africa through training, investment and technical assistance,” noted the Moroccan diplomat. “Food security and sanitary sovereignty are more than ever topical today. They are for Africa of absolute necessity, as well as the territorial integrity and unity of sovereign states members of the United Nations,” he noted. He further explained that “those who fuel separatism, conflicts and division in Africa following obsolete ideologies at a time when the continent is in greater need of development are precisely those who threaten by their actions our food security and our sovereignty over our lands and resources. The ambassador called on the African diasporas to optimism in unity and solidarity and to seize the opportunity of this conjuncture “together with our partners, the true friends of Africa, those who respect us, understand our values and consider our wonderful cultural and civilizational heritage unique.” “We respectfully invite those who are not yet convinced that Africa is the future of Europe, or even the world. It is by being pragmatic and respectful towards our values that they can turn to our countries without any ambiguity or stereotypes, nor the egocentric approaches quite unproductive” he concluded. During this day of celebration of Africa marked by colorful festivities, the stand of Morocco was illustrated by its richness and diversity, reflecting the authenticity and the multitude that characterizes the culture and civilization of the Kingdom.