Morocco architect of its destiny

After more than 32 years of divergences, 2008 seems to be the year when the Sahara occidental conflict will finally stop floundering and the belligerents find a mutually acceptable political solution.
It is important to stop at the Kingdom of Morocco’s accomplishments since the green march. The southern provinces changed completely; schools, infrastructures, roads, hospitals… the means of the state were engaged with force to balance the sahraoui territory and to enable it to experience a serene development. It is a real national united effort which was made by all citizens; a global sacrifice for a greater local comfort. Because Morocco is interdependent, it refuses to leave on the side the weakest and nourishes requirement to accompany this geographically underprivileged territory.
The strong will to develop the Sahara results in a great integration of the populations who are considered as much Moroccan as Sahraouies.

It is within this environment that the autonomy initiative for the southern provinces finds its entire means. The autonomy plan devotes the cultural identities of an area of Morocco, while enabling it to benefit from the total dynamics engaged by the State so that the country develops. Thus, it is by taking under consideration local stakes and by registering those from a total point of view that the Kingdom wants to solve the equation which will allow the building of a large economic Maghreb. The great Maghreb suffers since its birth from a congenital malformation: the Polisario Frente. This last does not propose anything in economic terms, does not have any society project and continue to embrace the Marxist-Leninist logorrhea, without even realizing that the world has changed and that the USSR does not exist anymore…