Ban Ki-Moon wishes “deep” negotiations after 3 rounds of observation

Not surprising, the report of the UN Secretary General on the Sahara case, estimates that the negotiations must continue and the current positions of the parties are divergent in spite the agreement on “the need of inserting the process in a more intense phase of negotiation and more centered on solutions". Being pleased with the future trip of its personal envoy to the region, the UN Secretary General Mr. Ki-Moon indicates its firm will to see the parties coming to a mutually acceptable political solution.
Held with a duty of neutrality, Ban Ki-Moon did not give any indication on the Moroccan autonomy initiative, qualified “serious and credible one” in the preamble to the Council of Security Resolution N° 1754.
Supported by the United States, France and Spain, the Moroccan autonomy plan was not discussed by Morocco and the Polisario Front; in spite the calls of the Kingdom to start the negotiations on the basis of this plan, in order to find elements of common intendment and not to block the negotiations.

Until now, the Polisario Front refuses to discuss the negotiated political solution and is limited to measurements of confidence and the family visits program. Whereas the Manhasset IV negotiations are profiled, it is imperative that the Polisario Front improves its position and decides to discuss with Morocco the autonomy plan so that constructive exchanges can take place for a pacific issue to the conflict.