Algerian Regime Resolutely Hostile to Morocco – Writer-journalist –

The writer-journalist Talaâ Saoud Al Atlassi stresses that the Algerian military regime seems determined to persist in its hostility towards Morocco and shows no sign of appeasement, cutting the bridges of brotherhood and cooperation with the Kingdom. In his weekly column on the news site ”Machahid 24”, published Wednesday under the title ”the Algerian military regime, the only enemy of Algeria”, he notes that ”Algerian generals have always sought to promote a culture and hostile attitudes towards Morocco through their visible and invisible media so that the official policy of hostility against the Kingdom is inscribed and continues in a favorable cultural and psychic environment”. This specialist on Algeria cites, among other evidence of this obsessive hostility, the campaign conducted at the instigation of this regime against the footballers of the Algerian team who decided to spend their vacations in Marrakech, which has caused indignation and anger of the media at the behest of the Algerian generals. As for the reaction of the generals and their press in the aftermath of the tragedy that occurred near Nador following an attempted forced entry by migrants, which reaction illustrates an unspeakable attitude of hostility aimed at harming Morocco, he adds, stressing that “this incident has been instrumentalized by the Algerian generals to undermine the credibility of the humanist migration policy of Morocco unanimously welcomed by the international community”. He adds that what counts above all for the Algerian generals is to show that they are capable of “cracking down” in response to the strengthening of relations between Morocco and Spain, which has had the immediate effect of marginalizing Algeria in the Mediterranean and North Africa. He also notes that the quarteron of Algerian generals in power is able to fan the flames and tensions being, like the mafia networks of human trafficking, disturbed by the policy of Morocco, especially in the field of management of the migration issue. For him, the questioning of the party that benefits from this immigration drama unmasks without a shadow of a doubt the identity of the authors and real instigators, namely the Algerian generals. For the Algerian generals, hostility towards Morocco is the very source of their legitimacy which justifies their maneuvers against the Kingdom, a country that works tirelessly for the good of the Moroccan people and for the interest of friendly countries, while the Algerian military regime only aggravates the already intolerable situation of Algeria. ”By acting in support of a negative energy, the Algerian generals harm first the Algerian people and also their foreign relations, which makes them the only and true enemies of Algeria,” he concludes.