Andean Parliament Speaker Commends Progress Achieved by Morocco in Various Areas

The speaker of the Andean Parliament, Fidel Espinoza Sandoval commended, Wednesday in Rabat, the progress achieved by Morocco in many areas, thanks to the wise leadership of HM King Mohammed VI. “The Kingdom is making great strides by investing in human capital, development, infrastructure, digital technology and clean energy production,” Espinoza Sandoval told the press, following his talks with the chairman of the Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs (CORCAS), Khalihenna Ould Errachid. These areas are essential for sustainable development in a constantly changing world, said the Andean official, who is visiting Morocco (July 01-09 July) at the head of a parliamentary delegation, at the invitation of the Moroccan Parliament. The Andean Parliament aspires to deepen its ties with the Kingdom of Morocco, he added. The Moroccan Parliament and the Andean Parliament had signed in July 2018 at the headquarters of the House of Advisors, a memorandum of understanding to establish channels of communication and parliamentary interaction through the exchange of visits, experiences, information and documents. Under this memorandum of understanding, the Moroccan Parliament has the status of advanced partner with this parliamentary organization. The Parliament of the Andean Community is a parliamentary organization created in 1979 with the aim of harmonizing legislation and accelerating integration among the member countries of this group.