Social Networks Campaign against Head of Government Is a ‘Drift’, Political Scientist Says

The social networks campaign against the head of government is a “drift and a deviation of freedom of speech,” according to political scientist and law professor Mustapha Sehimi. “This campaign against the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, on social networks under the slogan ‘Irhal’ (get out) is problematic. And we have to say why: it is a drift and a deviation of freedom of speech,” writes Mr. Sehimi in an article published by digital media “”. The author of the story calls for respect for the institutions, since the head of government is the head of the party that came out on top in the legislative elections of September 8 and, as such, he was appointed by HM the King in line with the provisions of the Constitution. His status is institutional: he has a majority at the House of Representatives and the support of the King, the political scientist insists. Everything else is digital “activism” to be discarded. The democratic transition can -and must- do without it.” According to Mr. Sehimi “such media coverage akin to the political lynching of the head of the executive benefits of a faulty communication.” These social networks are going overboard relentlessly, he notes. “What do they represent? What democratic or popular mandate do they have?” wonders the author of the article. They are anonymous … They want to be more citizens than everyone else as if they represented a kind of ‘vanguard’ taking care of the most authentic expectations and aspirations of citizens, Mr. Sehimi notes.