Throne Day: Peruvian Congress Adopts Recognition Motion to Leadership of HM the King

The Congress of the Republic of Peru joined the celebration of the Throne Day through the adoption of a motion recognizing the work and leadership of HM King Mohammed VI. In this Motion, the Peruvian Congress expresseed a “special recognition” to the action undertaken by the Sovereign in favor of strengthening the institutions of the State in Morocco, which has become an “influential player on the international scene”. The Peruvian Congress also highlighted the ambitious reforms initiated under the leadership of the Sovereign in recent years, which has enabled Morocco to become a strategic ally for Peru and for all countries in the Latin American region. The motion also praised the achievements made under the reign of HM the King, including the numerous development projects and reforms carried out in the political, economic and social fields. Finally, the Congress presented its sincere congratulations to the Kingdom of Morocco on the 23rd anniversary of the accession of HM the King to the Throne.