HM the King Links Foreign Policy to Morocco’s Sovereignty over its Sahara – French Expert

HM King Mohammed VI has made Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara the key to the Kingdom’s foreign policy with global and regional powers, said Monday, the French political scientist Jerôme Besnard. In His speech, which comes on the occasion of “historic events in the construction of contemporary Morocco”, the Sovereign has defended a policy “in all respects consistent with the interest of power of the Kingdom,” the professor of constitutional law told MAP. On the one hand, HM the King has made the full sovereignty of Morocco over its entire territory, including the southern provinces, the key to the foreign policy of Morocco towards the world and regional powers. In this regard, the expert noted supporting the autonomy plan of the Moroccan Sahara becomes a precondition for sustainable and solid relations with the Kingdom, stating that the example set by the United States and Spain in recent months is exactly in this direction. On the other hand, HM King Mohammed VI highlighted the mobilization of Moroccans living abroad, including those of the Jewish faith, to work for the influence of Morocco where they are, he said, adding that this is to contribute the Moroccan diaspora to the development of its country of origin. According to Besnard, the axes set by HM the King have “the great merit of clarity” and are “essential” elements to strengthen the position of Morocco, an essential partner of the European Union in various areas, including the fight against illegal immigration networks and the prevention of terrorist risks from the Sahel.