Moroccan Sahara: Dominican Ambassador in Rabat Reaffirms His Country’s Support to Moroccan Autonomy Plan

The Dominican Republic’s ambassador to Morocco, Amaury Justo Duarte, reaffirmed, Thursday in Rabat, his country’s support to the Moroccan autonomy plan in the Sahara. The Dominican diplomat, who was speaking at the constitutive general assembly of the Moroccan Association of Friendship with the Dominican Republic (AMARD), explained that the position of the Caribbean country on the Sahara issue, was ratified by following the lead of the Kingdom of Spain, stating that his country considers that the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco for the population of its southern provinces, remains the “only fair, credible and timely solution” to the dispute over the Sahara. “We take this opportunity to inform that our country has supported the position of Morocco on the autonomy of the Sahara, in the sense that it is the only fair, credible and timely solution within the legal framework of the United Nations,” said the ambassador. “Spain has already adopted this position and we have immediately supported it,” added the diplomat, considering that the act of establishing a Moroccan Association of Friendship with the Dominican Republic, is an ideal opportunity to “announce and reaffirm this support”. The creation of the Moroccan Association of Friendship with the Dominican Republic (AMARD), whose constitutive assembly took place at the residence of the Dominican ambassador, is an initiative that “will strengthen the political, economic and cultural ties between our two brotherly peoples,” said the diplomat, adding that steps are also being taken in Santo Domingo to create a similar association. AMARD will have the mission to contribute to the growth of diplomatic and fraternal relations between the two countries, to bring together personalities from different sectors to collaborate on a common goal and to promote cooperation in many areas, concluded Justo Duarte.