Italian Media Echo Kenya’s Decision to Rescind Recognition of So-called ‘SADR’

Several Italian media outlets have echoed the decision of the President of the Republic of Kenya, Mr. William Ruto, to rescind the recognition of the so-called “SADR”. The position of the Kingdom on the dispute over the Moroccan Sahara continues to strengthen,” writes Italian news agency “La Presse”. A few hours after his investiture ceremony, President William Ruto announced the withdrawal of recognition of the so-called “SADR,” according to the same source. The Head of State also gave his support to the “serious and credible” autonomy plan proposed by the Kingdom, as a unique solution based on the territorial integrity of Morocco, according to the same source. The President of Kenya has taken this decision “in deference to the principle of territorial integrity and non-interference,” notes “La Presse”, quoting a joint statement, excerpts of which were made public by the website of the State House of the Republic of Kenya following the delivery of a message from HM the King to the Kenyan Head of State. “The Republic of Kenya supports the United Nations framework as the exclusive mechanism to find a lasting and durable political solution of the dispute over Sahara issue,” writes, for its part, Italian agency Nova, highlighting the “pre-eminence” and “credibility” of the autonomy plan at the international level. The media recalls the diplomatic breakthroughs achieved recently by Morocco, noting that more than 30 African and Arab countries have opened consular offices in the territory as a sign of recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty.