Petitioner Calls Morocco’s Autonomy Plan ‘Best Solution’ for Tindouf Children’s Future

The autonomy plan presented in 2007 by Morocco to resolve the regional dispute over the Sahara is the “best solution” for the future of children sequestered in the camps of Tindouf, in southwestern Algeria, said Elizabeth Dail, from New Life Church International NGO. “It is time to implement the Moroccan autonomy plan because it is the best solution for the future of children in the camps” of Tindouf, said Dail before the 4th Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, noting that this initiative will reunite these children with their friends and families in the southern provinces of the Kingdom. For the petitioner, these children must receive their education in an environment free from the control of the separatist militia of the “polisario” and away from the “uncertain and dangerous” conditions to which they are now subjected. “They need to be exposed to cultures to learn different forms of government with a well-balanced daily program,” she insisted, while lamenting the lack of educational opportunities in camps controlled by an armed group. Dail further noted that the children’s place is in classrooms with other students where they can interact and learn the importance of cooperation and hope, away from the closed camps of Tindouf.