Morocco’s Amb. to UN Holds Working Meeting with Malawi’s Employment Minister

Morocco’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN, Omar Hilale, received, on Thursday at the Kingdom’s representation in New York, the Minister of Employment of the Republic of Malawi, Vera Kamtukule, accompanied by a delegation of senior officials. Kamtukule requested a meeting with the Moroccan Ambassador in his capacity as co-chair of the Group of Friends of Decent Work at the United Nations, in order to discuss the ambition of the Republic of Malawi to become a pilot country of the Global Accelerator for Employment and Social Protection and Just Transitions launched by the UN Secretary General in September 2021, jointly with the International Labour Office (ILO). The Accelerator aims to help developing countries address multiple crises, accelerate economic recovery while investing in social development and ecological transition, and prepare for current and future challenges. In addition, the Global Accelerator aims to support the creation of 400 million decent jobs, extend social protection to the 4 billion people who are currently excluded, and facilitate “just” transitions for all. In this regard, Hilale highlighted the various goals of the Accelerator, its implementation strategy, and the opportunities that Malawi could benefit from as a pilot country, including targeted technical assistance tailored to Malawi’s needs and national strategies for job creation in partnership with the UN system, partner countries, and the private sector. He also emphasized that by placing the goal of decent employment and universal social protection at the heart of recovery and transition policies, the Global Accelerator is an innovative initiative, from which several African countries should benefit, in order to bring about a new era of shared prosperity, sustainable peace and social justice. In this regard, the ambassador assured the Malawian minister of Morocco’s full support, within the framework of the work of the Group of Friends of Decent Work at the United Nations as well as within the framework of active and supportive South-South cooperation put forward by the Kingdom, in accordance with the High Guidance of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, through the sharing of the Kingdom’s experience in the areas of job creation, training, skills building and the expansion of social protection. For her part, Kamtukule expressed her gratitude to Morocco and welcomed the fraternal and fruitful cooperation between the Republic of Malawi and the Kingdom. She also expressed the wish to benefit from the exemplary Moroccan experience in training and capacity building in key sectors such as education, tourism and the mining sector, as well as the ambition to develop joint training programs for the benefit of Malawian experts.