Ambassador to AU Urges PAP to Ensure Full Participation of African Citizens in Continent’s Development

The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) is called to ensure the full participation of African citizens in the development and economic integration of the Continent, said Morocco’s Ambassador, Permanent Representative to the African Union (AU) and UNECA Mohamed Arrouchi during the Joint Retreat between the PAP and the AU Permanent Representatives Committee (PRC) held from 19 to 20 December in Johannesburg. The PAP was established with a clear statutory mandate to ensure primarily the effective participation of African citizens in the economic integration and development of the continent, the Moroccan diplomat stressed, noting that in order to achieve this objective, the PAP is called upon, among other things, to consolidate efforts to strengthen the role of African youth through their effective participation in the realization of the African development agenda. The PAP is also called upon to put at the center of its agenda the vital interests of African citizens and the noble causes of Africa far from all controversies or narrow agendas that hinder the proper functioning of this important organ of the pan-African institution as it has been observed during a period and which has led to a situation of paralysis of this organ at a time when the Continent faces great challenges that worsen the general situation in Africa and the welfare of African citizens, noted the Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the Kingdom to the AU and UNECA. The Moroccan diplomat also stressed the imperative for the PAP to deliberate on topical issues such as trade, customs, immigration, health, transport, agriculture, energy, youth, education and integration and socio-economic development of African citizens and thus meet the expectations of African peoples. To do this, the PAP needs a thorough reform allowing it to properly fulfill its statutory mandate which is mainly to ensure effective participation of African citizens in the economic integration and development of the continent, said Arrouchi. The diplomat took the opportunity to share with the participants of this Retreat the joy of the Moroccan people following the historic performance of the Kingdom’s national team at the World Cup in Qatar. “A performance that reminds us of the imperative to invest in Africa’s youth, our wealth and common hope for the progress of our continent and to ensure its rightful place on the international scene,” said Arrouchi.