Abu Dhabi: Morocco Takes Part in Negev II Forum Preparatory Meeting

The preparatory meeting of the Negev II Forum opened, Monday in Abu Dhabi, with the participation of delegations representing Morocco, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, the United States and Bahrain. This two-day preparatory meeting focuses on the development of concrete projects to be presented at the next ministerial meeting, particularly in the sectors of food and water security, education, health, tourism, renewable energy, coexistence and security. According to information gathered by MAP, the Arab countries participating in this meeting emphasize the need to preserve the main direction of this process, which is to ensure security, peace and development in the region, while the results achieved must reflect positively on the peoples of the region, especially the Palestinian people. These countries also stressed the need to develop concrete projects and present content that could be a subject of discussion at the ministerial level, noting that without this content, the Negev II meeting will be useless and, therefore, no different from the first meeting. The preparatory meeting aims to identify projects that benefit the participating countries in particular and the region in general, in the wake of the goals set in the Negev I meeting, pointed out the delegations of the countries that participated in the opening of this meeting, emphasizing the need to integrate the Palestinians in this process in a way that serves the security, peace and development in the Middle East region. On the other hand, the delegations of Arab countries participating in the preparatory meeting expressed their concern about unilateral initiatives that hinder the normal course of this process, in reference to what happened recently in Al Quds. Morocco, which participates with a large delegation in this meeting, co-chairs with Israel the two working groups related to food and water security, and education and teaching, while other countries chair the sectors of tourism, health, renewable energy, security, environment, among others.