Bolivian MP Calls Decision to Recognize Ghostly Republic ‘Wrong’, Urges Correction

Bolivia’s decision to establish relations with the ghostly republic proclaimed by the Polisario was a wrong decision and the current government must urgently correct it, said Bolivian MP Tatiana Añez. “We call on the current government to show wisdom and stop meddling in the internal affairs of countries; it is important to respect the sovereignty of states,” Añez, of the Creemos opposition coalition led by imprisoned Luis Fernando Camacho, told M24. In this context, she condemned the actions of the former Bolivian president, Evo Marales, who “does not stop, according to her, meddling in the internal affairs of neighboring Peru, which damages the relations between both countries and peoples.” Congresswoman Añez indicated that the coalition to which she belongs had welcomed the decision taken in 2020 by former president Jeanine Añez to suspend the recognition of a pseudo-republic and to “break all ties with this fictitious entity.” The position of the former president was very precious because she opted for Bolivia to maintain relations with a country the size of the Kingdom of Morocco and worked to expel from Bolivia this separatist group that causes unrest in the country and throughout the region. Añez affirmed that “there is no doubt that we must work to strengthen relations with the Kingdom of Morocco, because they are very important and are part of the framework of respect for the decisions supported by the international community.”