Algeria no longer hides its bias in Western Sahara conflict

Algerian diplomats no longer try to hide their country’s bias in the Western Sahara conflict and defend openly the Polisario’s separatist theses.

In his latest remarks on the issue, the DCM of Algerian representation to the UN, Mohammed Bessedik, attacked, on behalf of the Polisario, the United Nations institutions, saying it was “unacceptable” that the minutes of UN meetings are always characterized by “bias, subjectivity and misinformation”.

Speaking at a UN meeting on information issues, the Algerian diplomat attacked the UN and its institutions, blaming them of “impartiality and subjectivity” in dealing with the Western Sahara issue.

The diplomat, who did not take the floor to defend the interests of his country but rather to speak on behalf of the Polisario, notably deplored the title “Western Sahara represented by Shadow Republic”, mentioned by the UN Information service in the minutes of the sixth meeting of the 4th Decolonization Commission, broadcast on October 12th.

This second-rate diplomat, who strictly applied the rigorous instructions of his superiors to defend the Sahrawi entity, has seemingly forgotten that the pseudo-“SADR” has never obtained the status of a member state of the United Nations.

Anyways, Algerian diplomats seem frenzy since the UN Security Council meeting on the Sahara issue at the end of October is nearing, as is nearing the Round Table on December 4 and 5 in Geneva, to which all parties to the conflict are invited by UN mediator Horst Köhler.

They are increasing contacts with the leaders of allied countries, especially those in southern Africa, to try to obtain some kind of support in the long and unsuccessful diplomatic battle they have been conducting, for more than 40 years, against Morocco, its Sahara and its territorial integrity.