Polisario Leaders Alarmed by Revelations of a Former Secret Agent

The Polisario Front is extremely anxious and deeply concerned about the intention of former officer of its secret military service, Mohamed Mahamud Embarec, who is currently living in Belgium, to unveil damaging revelations about the leaders of the Algeria-backed separatist group, their “corruption and nepotism”.
The former Sahrawi officer has made the announcement lately in Brussels, saying that will publish in his blog all the details of his work inside the Polisario military intelligence service that was set up recently as a “separate ministry” from the so-called “ministry of Defense” headed for a long time by Mohamed Lamin Ould El Buhali.
The reason behind the setting up of this new department is the growing friction between Brahim Ahmed Mahmud, alias Guerigao, and Ould El Buhali, the former soldier in the Algerian army (APN) who has been for decades Chief of the so-called “army” of the Polisario, according to former secret agent Mahamud Embarec.
He said that Spanish organizations which support the Sahrawi separatist thesis will be “shocked by the secrets of their friends of the Polisario Front, plagued by corruption, nepotism and tribalism”.
“Henceforward, this blog will become a platform taking aim at the Polisario leadership and its henchmen”, exposing their dirty secrets, said the former secret agent.
He cites in this regard the troubling case of the so-called Polisario representative in Brazil, M’Bairik Ahmed, nicknamed “El Canario” who raped and impregnated a young Brazilian girl named Franciane Benchimol (Maia Tiane).
In a bid to avoid scandal, M’Bairik tried in vain by all means to convince the Brazilian girl to have an abortion but she refused, giving finally birth to an illegitimate child, said the former Polisario secret agent in his blog.
M’Bairik sued Mahamud Embarec in Brussels for “defamation, slander, libel and insults”. A Belgian court will announce its verdict on Oct.27, 2020.
This scandal and the revelations of the former Polisario secret agent deal a hard blow to the Polisario leader, Brahim Ghali, who is losing the support of the Algerian army because of the scandal of the diversion of humanitarian aid and the mismanagement of the Tindouf camps.