Hosting of Brahim Ghali in Spain, ‘Serious’ Violation of International Law

Kigali – The secret hosting and hospitalization in Spain of the separatists’ leader, the so-called Brahim Ghali, prosecuted by the Spanish justice for crimes of genocide and terrorism, constitutes a “serious” violation of international law, said Andre Gakwaya, a researcher specializing in Africa and director general of Rwanda News Agency. “The prosecution of individuals accused of crimes of genocide and terrorism is a peremptory norm of international law, of which no anomaly is admitted,” stressed this connoisseur of the Moroccan Sahara in a statement to MAP. For Gakwaya, the arrival in Spain of the leader of the separatists under a false identity and with a diplomatic passport provided by the Algerian government in defiance of its own laws and international law, also represents an infringement of the rights of victims of criminal acts committed by the so-called Brahim Ghali. “Humanitarian attentions cannot, under any circumstances, cover up such attitudes that are prejudicial to international law and the principles of universal justice,” said Gakwaya, who is also a member of the international Platform for the defense and support of Moroccan Sahara. He also noted that the granting of an Algerian diplomatic passport under a false name to the leader of the separatist militia and his transport by an Algerian medical aircraft is “another irrefutable proof” of Algeria’s involvement in the regional conflict over the Sahara, as a mentor of the “polisario”. “It is deplorable to see a perpetrator of crimes against humanity enter European territory with impunity and discretion. This is a serious violation of international obligations,” added Gakwaya. The Rwandan researcher also expressed his full support for all initiatives to bring Brahim Ghali to justice for his crimes in accordance with international law. Brahim Ghali is being prosecuted by the Spanish justice system for crimes against humanity committed in the Tindouf camps on Algerian territory, including the crimes of genocide, torture, enforced disappearance, sexual violence and rape. An arrest warrant was issued against him by the Spanish authorities in 2008.