Social and Protest Dynamics Mobilizing Algerian People to Eventually Prevail Against Rigid System – Expert –

The social and protest dynamics that mobilize the Algerian people will eventually prevail against a “rigid” system, said the political scientist and professor of Law, Mustapha Sehimi. The “system” that you carry and that you represent cannot be reformed, as long as “statutory” interests exclude any “aggiornamento” – it is rigid and frozen. But until when? Is it not the last avatar of a regime that has taken refuge and is entrenched in a “bunker” where you are only a stipendiary attached to a recycling of a material that the Algerian people do not want, said Sehimi in an open letter addressed to the Algerian president, the “so-called” Abdelmajid Tebboune. “This people is on the march; the social and protest dynamics that move and mobilize them will eventually prevail. An Algeria that all Algerians and all Maghrebians call for”, he pointed out in this letter published on the electronic website “In total, you do not respect anything! Neither the citizenship and the dignity of Algerians. Neither their rights and freedoms. Nor even your own Constitution that the people have overwhelmingly rejected, with a rate of voters of 23.14% for 5,661,547 voters on an electoral body of 24,466,618 and that a third of these same voters voted no,” he stressed. “How do I address you? And what title should I give you? President of the Algerian Republic? Difficult, inappropriate even: with your mediocre 10% during your election on December 13, 2019, this protocol and institutional qualification is, to say the least, inappropriate,” he said. “So, what? Citizen Tebboune – equally inadmissible and implausible given your record and your actions at the head of the neighboring State,” he added. In this regard, the political scientist noted that Abdelmajid Tebboune is in denial! “Denial of realities, denial of facts, denial of your responsibility before the Algerian people,” he insisted. President by default where you are now, you owe it neither to your transparent personal equation, nor to your militant courage nor to your principles but to the generals in place and their connection with military-business lobbies,” he said. According to Sehimi, “to face the peaceful and legitimate demands of millions of Algerians carried precisely by the hirak since February 19, 2019, your regime and you have responded only by repression.”