Morocco Has Real Potential Allowing Strong Ambition – Benmoussa –

Morocco has a real potential in multiple areas which allows a strong ambition by 2035, the horizon chosen for the projections of the New Development Model (NMD), affirmed, Thursday in Casablanca, the president of the ad-hoc Committee on the Development Model (CSMD), Chakib Benmoussa. “This strong and affirmed ambition allows us to widen the field of the possible and to have a multidimensional development, particularly at the economic level”, said Benmoussa, who presented the NMD report to the Moroccan employers’ body (CGEM). In this regard, the president of the CSMD noted that Morocco has important assets to build the future, citing in this sense the centrality of the monarchical institution, as a keystone of the State and guarantor of long-term stability and accelerated democratic transition, enshrined in the comprehensive constitutional reform in 2011 and the stability and security capital. It also concerns the special geographical position at the crossroads of the major intercontinental markets, the infrastructure meeting international standards strengthening Morocco’s connectivity to the world, and the positive and credible image with foreign partners and within the international community of investors, he said. In order to achieve this ambition, Benmoussa advocated for the creation and sharing of wealth and opportunities for all and the strengthening of inclusion, social justice and equity. He also emphasized the building of capacities and skills of citizens as well as the preservation of resources in the territories. Benmoussa also highlighted the five broad lines established by the NMD that would strengthen Morocco’s commitments and its soft power at the regional and international level. These five broad lines are higher education and research, digital society, competitive and green energy, and finance and “Made in Morocco”, he recalled, noting that these aspects offer opportunities for very important investment and strategic partnerships.