Morocco’s Efforts and Strategies in Security Highlighted at Parlatino’s Forum in Panama

Morocco’s efforts and strategies in security and the fight against organized crime were highlighted during a parliamentary forum on intelligence and security, held recently at the headquarters of the Latin American Parliament (Parlatino), in Panama City. During the 18th edition of this forum, the Moroccan ambassador in Panama City, Oumama Aouad, outlined the Kingdom’s various strategies to address security threats at the national, regional and international levels. “All the institutions of the country are mobilized and committed in the fight against cybercrime, money laundering and its financing,” Aouad said, as quoted in a statement by the Moroccan embassy in Panama. In this regard, the diplomat shed light on the different bodies that work tirelessly to ensure citizens’ safety, including the Directorate General of Information Systems Security and the Unit of Processing of Financial Intelligence, whose missions are to define the strategic guidelines of the State in cybersecurity and to ensure the integrity of the national financial system. “All these measures go hand in hand with the laws and are in line with the recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF),” she noted. These multidimensional strategies, integrating security, judicial, legislative and religious aspects, have proven successful and have been welcomed by the international community, particularly in counter-terrorism, the diplomat pointed out. The recent opening in Rabat of the UN Office for counter-terrorism is a recognition of Morocco’s strategic role under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, for the stability and security of Africa, she added. “Aware that no action can succeed without close regional and international collaboration, the Kingdom has developed an effective cooperation with allied countries within its region and internationally, to pool efforts to fight against rampant transnational crime,” the Moroccan ambassador to Panama said. In the light of this successful collaboration, particularly with its American counterpart, Morocco seeks to extend this collaboration with other regions of the world, including Latin America, she added. This conference brought together high-level delegations from some 30 countries, including Morocco.