Target of Destabilization Attempts, Morocco Disturbs by Its Ambitions To Play in Big League – Political Scientist –

Targeted by a succession of attempts at destabilization in recent days, Morocco “disturbs” by its ambitions to play in the big league, underlined political scientist Mustapha Tossa. “The attempts to destabilize Morocco which were successive recently reveal a pivotal point: Morocco, a center of political stability, economic prosperity and diplomatic conquests, disturbs because it simply aspires to play in the big league, with gigantic structuring projects and innovative alliances”, wrote Tossa in an analysis published Thursday on the website Atlasinfo. Morocco has metamorphosed within two decades thanks to HM King Mohammed VI, noted the political scientist, adding that the Kingdom, which has become “dynamic” at the diplomatic level as evidenced by its performance and its successful initiatives, “attractive” on the level economic as proved by its drawing of international industrial groups, has established itself as a “key regional player, which has an undeniable moral authority and precious confidence, the sinews of any diplomatic war”. And yet, the commentator goes on, with a neighbourhood as hostile as his, the task was daunting, for it was “to stand up against the multiple attempts to sabotage its take-off.” For Tossa, the Algerian neighbour, led by a military regime “of morbid jealousy” has listed “the weakening of Morocco as its supreme goal”, while its Spanish neighbour, who negatively sees the new economic strategies of the Kingdom, has long maintained a “state hypocrisy” and developed towards the Kingdom a “dangerous hostility”. The political scientist also pointed to the fact that “certain historical European allies perceive badly this new independence by Morocco in its economic approaches and choices. As evidenced by its African and Mediterranean ambitions”. He also denounced this “coagulated” desire against the Kingdom and which has united the forces which dream of undermining it and the Moroccans in their new dynamics, noting that in two decades, “the Morocco of Mohammed VI has made the difference”. Morocco, he said, “is establishing itself as a country full of resources, capable of reacting and of being up to the task even when it comes to facing an epidemic of the dangerousness of Covid-19”. By its choices and its anticipations, Morocco had both forced admiration and slammed this morbid feeling of animosity, as an inevitable ransom of success, said the political scientist, noting that the more Morocco advances and consolidates its achievements, the more hostilities it faces. HM the King has not ceased since His accession to the Throne to transform the country into an effective actor with a mission and a role in the service of peace and stability. The Sovereign’s vision has always been to uphold the values ​​of an autonomous country that runs its destiny and is a link between two continents, between its European ambitions and its African depth, he said. According to Tossa, it is in the shadow of this desire to destabilize this Moroccan exception that we must read the multiple attacks against Morocco launched by small obscure groups that stir political agitation on command, the aim being to spoil the successes of the Kingdom.