September 8th Elections: PAM Main Commitments

Here follows the main commitments, nine in total, included in the program presented by the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) for the September 8 elections: 1 – Access for all to a strong public school. To achieve this goal, the program advocates the implementation of a national plan to upgrade pre-school education (9,000 classes per year), a rehabilitation of the status of the teacher in financial and moral terms and a system of academic support for students with special needs in schools. 2 – Better access and good quality of care for citizens. This includes, among others, the improvement of the working conditions of the health professionals, generalization of the system of the third party payment which will make it possible not to have to advance the part taken in charge by AMO or to allow the beneficiaries of RAMED to have access to health care in the private hospitals like the people having a compulsory health insurance. 3 – Access for all to decent housing that guarantees the dignity and inclusion of citizens, with the creation of new aid for households living in dwellings in danger of collapse or the improvement of the supply of housing for people in precarious situations. 4 – Support for the development of Moroccan youth. This involves, among other things, developing the offer of professional internships for young people in work-study programs as well as the implementation of a monthly internship bonus of 1,500 dirhams, allocated for a period of six months with a conversion into an employment bonus in case of recruitment. 5 – Preservation of the dignity of elderly people without income. The program provides for a minimum income of dignity (at least 50% of the minimum wage) for people of retirement age and AMO coverage. 6 – Increasing purchasing power with, in particular, a tax reduction for incomes not exceeding 12,000 dirhams if the partner is unemployed or raising the threshold of exempted income from 30,000 dirhams (today’s value) to 36,000 dirhams. 7 – Saving the tourist enterprises in difficulty. To do this, the tractor party proposes to grant a rescheduling over five years with a deferral of one year of the payment of taxes due at the end of the year 2021 with the commitment to maintain jobs. 8 – Reducing the costs of hydrocarbons, in particular thanks to the revival of the refinery SAMIR to ensure the activity of refining and storage in Morocco, therefore reinforcing the energy independence of the country. 9 – Improving governance and public policy. This involves, among other things, reviewing the texts of regulatory bodies, their operating rules and delegation of powers to effectively fight unfair competition and other conflicts of interest.