Falsification of Covid-19 Health Documents Undermines Pandemic Efforts – Judicial Official –

The falsification of health documents related to Covid-19, such as PCR tests and vaccine passes, undermines the efforts of public authorities in their fight against the pandemic, said the Secretary General of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Hicham Bellaoui. Bellaoui, who was the guest Wednesday of the Moroccan News Radio “RIM RADIO”, said that this phenomenon is a threat to the health of citizens, especially during this period marked by the spread of variant Delta, stressing the full involvement of the Presidency of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the fight against this dangerous phenomenon. The Public Prosecutor’s Office has sent a circular to the Public Prosecutors of the Courts of Appeal and of First Instance calling on them to fight certain cases of falsification of Covid-19 documents, he explained, noting that since the sending of this circular, the number of suspects has reached nearly 80 individuals, most of whom have been arrested at the border posts. Searches have proven the involvement of some professionals in the health sector operating in hospitals and private laboratories, said Bellaoui, noting that the Presidency of the Public Prosecutor’s Office has urged the judicial police to adopt all appropriate mechanisms to monitor criminal acts related to this phenomenon. The Presidency of the Public Prosecutor’s Office also called for acting with the necessary firmness against all those involved in this kind of cases that affect the health security of the Kingdom in strict compliance with the law, urging the judiciary to apply dissuasive sanctions commensurate with the seriousness of the acts committed. The official further explained that these strict measures taken by the Presidency of the Public Prosecutor’s Office aim to raise awareness among citizens to avoid these practices and not fall into the trap of “intermediaries”, adding that the Public Prosecutor’s Office aims to reduce through these measures the phenomenon of falsification of health documents related to the Covid-19 during the coming days.