Vaccine Pass: Govt. Welcomes Citizens’ Influx into Vaccination Centers

The government on Monday welcomed the great influx of citizens into vaccination centers following the adoption of the new preventive approach based on the vaccine pass, stressing that returning to normal life depends on the massive participation in the Covid-19 vaccination campaign. “Following the implementation of the new preventive approach based on the adoption of the vaccine pass as an essential document of movement, the government welcomes citizens’ great support who responded to this national call, massively engaging in the national campaign of vaccination against the novel  coronavirus,” said a statement from the Department of the Head of Government. In order to facilitate this operation, the government allows citizens who have received the first COVID-19 vaccine dose to obtain a provisional vaccine pass, in order to enjoy certain benefits guaranteed by the final vaccine pass. The government called on citizens who have received the first dose to continue to strictly observe the preventive measures, and take all precautions, especially when accessing public places, until they receive the second injection. The government noted that the achievement of collective immunity and return to normal life depend primarily on the vaccination of all target categories, urging in this sense all citizens to quickly take the first, second or third dose of vaccine at the nearest vaccination center.