Morocco-US-Israel Tripartite Agreement, Firm Commitment to Partnership and Peace – Ambassador

The Tripartite Agreement, signed a year ago between Morocco, the United States and Israel, sets the stage for a concrete partnership and represents a firm commitment to peace, said the Moroccan ambassador to South Korea, Chafik Rachadi. “Today we commemorate the first anniversary of the Tripartite Declaration, which laid the groundwork for a sincere commitment to the people and for the establishment of a concrete partnership. It is also an active commitment to peace,” Rachadi pointed out during a ceremony held on this occasion. “We are also celebrating a shared past, present and future,” the diplomat added, recalling that the Jewish community has been a component of Moroccan identity throughout the centuries. Relations between Jews and Morocco have confirmed their unique character throughout the last millennium, especially during the period of the French Protectorate in Morocco when the late HM Mohammed V categorically refused to hand over Moroccan Jews to the Vichy regime, Rachadi continued. He further noted that the Kingdom, strengthened by its location at the crossroads between different cultures and civilizations, has always been a place of peaceful coexistence and tolerance. It is in this regard that HM King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, has made the preservation of the Hebrew heritage specific to the Moroccan identity a priority through the rehabilitation of Moroccan Jewish heritage, he said.   The seeds of peace sown since the conclusion of the Tripartite Agreement continue to demonstrate their positive impact on people’s lives, the ambassador said. On the other hand, the Israeli ambassador, Akiva Tor, expressed his wish to see further consolidation of bilateral cooperation and deepen the bonds of friendship between the two peoples. The Israeli diplomat has, moreover, indicated that the relationship of his country with Morocco has a unique character in the region. He recalled, in this context, the special relationship that has always linked the Jews of Moroccan descent and the Kingdom of Morocco. It is these relations that explain, rightly, the unwavering attachment of Moroccan Jewish nationals to Morocco and the Kings of Morocco, continued the diplomat, noting that the common heritage shared by the two countries enables them to play an important role in the Mediterranean region. The commemoration of this first anniversary, held at the headquarters of the residence of Morocco in Seoul, was also an opportunity to discuss the activities that the two embassies could carry out in close collaboration with the South Korean authorities, especially during the celebration, in 2022, of the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Korea and also between the State of Israel and the Republic of Korea.