Upper House Speaker Highlights Importance of Revising Rules of Procedure

The revision of the Moroccan upper house’s rules of procedure is an important project presented by the House’s office and a priority mechanism in the reform of its performance, said Naama Mayara, Speaker of the House of Advisors. Mayara, who chaired a meeting on Tuesday where the upper house’s draft rules of procedure were presented, said that this mechanism aims to ensure consistency and complementarity with the House of Representatives (lower house). The rules of procedure can reflect the uniqueness and specificity of this institution as well as the added value that could bring elites with an important territorial, trade union or socio-professional reference to the work of legislation or monitoring and evaluation of government action, he added. This meeting marks the beginning of a collective reflection and consultations to revise the rules of procedure of the House, which has undergone many changes and revisions after the adoption of the Constitution of 2011, he said. Considering the coerciveness of rules of procedure requires impartiality in the presentation of proposals, away from calculations related to current positions, insisted the speaker of the upper house. The majority must give a place to the proposals of the opposition and the opposition must know that its rights are guaranteed in compliance with the rule of the majority and the principle of proportional representation, he continued.