Italian Media Outlet Outraged at Child Recruitment in Tindouf Camps

Italian news website “InsideOver” lashed out at the Algeria-backed recruitment of children by the polisario in the camps of Tindouf, whose population continues to be deprived of the most basic human rights. The recruitment of children in the camps of Tindouf, south of Algeria, continues to expand, warned the Italian news portal, denouncing the living conditions of these children, who have been held captive in the context of the embezzlement of international humanitarian aid by the polisario. “InsideOver” points to several photos published recently on social networks showing dozens of children in uniform in Tindouf. Besides the human tragedy of women and children living in disastrous conditions, the news website speaks of imminent threats to the region’s stability due to the belligerent acts of the polisario militias. The Italian media is outraged by these “disturbing crimes and serious violations of human rights,” saying that Algeria, which hosts and arms the Polisario, must shoulder its responsibility towards the international community.