Morocco Chose a Comprehensive Approach to Counter Radicalization – Ambassador

“Morocco has opted for a global approach to fight against terrorism and radicalization,” said Morocco’s Ambassador to Italy, Youssef Balla. “Since 2003, Morocco has put in place a national security-based, anticipatory, inclusive, comprehensive, and permanent strategy, which made the Kingdom a world reference,” the Moroccan diplomat stressed in an interview with Italian weekly “Panorama.” This strategy is based on both a security approach and on economic and social development, Balla said, also mentioning the reform of the religious field and the training of imams. According to the diplomat, Morocco promotes international cooperation in this area, which allows the country to react swiftly and effectively. The choice of Morocco to hold the upcoming meeting of the anti-ISIS coalition reflects “the place of choice occupied by the Kingdom in the global security architecture,” the diplomat added. This major event, which will see the participation of more than 92 countries, highlights the leadership of Morocco at the global level as a “provider of peace and security, especially in Africa, where extremism, organized crime, and separatism are growing.” The Italian media has, thus, highlighted the various initiatives carried out as part of the Moroccan strategy to fight against extremism, including the program “Moussalaha” (Reconciliation), which aims to supervise inmates involved in cases of extremism and terrorism and rehabilitate them psychologically and intellectually and to ensure their proper social integration.