Migration: Current International Situation Requires Spirit of Solidarity between North, South Countries – Official

The current international situation requires a spirit of solidarity between the countries of the North and South in the field of migration, said Thursday in Rabat, Khalid Zerouali, Wali Director of Migration and Border Surveillance at the Ministry of Interior. Speaking at the first session of the 26th extraordinary session of the Forum of Presidents of Legislative Powers of Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico (FOPREL), Zerouali explained that this delicate situation requires activating the spirit of solidarity between the countries of the North and the South through practical measures to create harmony between the migration strategies of host countries, transit countries and countries of departure. He also stressed the need to support and develop the economies of the South to cope with the upheavals that the world is facing, promote channels of regular migration without exhausting skills, and strengthen the capacities of their security institutions. The Rabat Process, which was adopted at the first Euro-African Congress on Migration and Development, held in Rabat in 2006, is regarded as an institutional reference for what South-North cooperation should be, he recalled, adding that the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, held in Marrakech in 2018, has enshrined this solidarity approach. During this session dedicated to Morocco’s experience in the field of migration, the official stressed the importance of the FOPREL, which enshrines the need for South-South coordination on issues of strategic interest such as migration, especially in this delicate international situation.” Zerouali reviewed the Moroccan experience in the field of migration, noting in this regard that thanks to the farsighted and proactive vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the Kingdom adopted a national strategy for immigration and asylum, which has made the improvement of conditions and protection of migrants a top priority. The Moroccan Parliament hosts until May 21 the 26th Extraordinary Session of the FOPREL. The session provides an opportunity to highlight the Moroccan experience in the fields of migration and renewable energy, the same source added, noting that the session will conclude with the reading and ratification of several draft resolutions on the agenda.