Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union Reiterates its Rejection of EP’s Tutelage and Arrogant Approach Towards Many Arab Countries

The Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union reiterated its rejection of the approach of tutelage and arrogance that the European Parliament (EP) is trying to adopt towards many independent and sovereign Arab countries in order to interfere in their internal affairs and impose its tutelage on them, directly or indirectly. During its 34th conference, held in Baghdad on 25-26 February, the Union affirmed its categorical and unequivocal rejection of any form of aggression or foreign interference in the internal affairs of any Arab country, whether direct or indirect. The Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union also warned against the repercussions of politicizing the human rights issue or any other issue on the basis of erroneous and unfounded information. A delegation representing the Moroccan parliament is participating in the 34th conference of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union, held under the sign “Arab support to strengthen the stability and sovereignty of Iraq”. In a statement, the House of Representatives had indicated that the participation of the Moroccan parliamentary delegation in this event is an opportunity to exchange expertise and hold bilateral meetings, and strengthen the position of the Kingdom of Morocco at regional and international levels in terms of parliamentary practices in its various aspects.