U.S. NGO Slams Recruitment, Use of Child Soldiers in Tindouf Camps

U.S. NGO ‘Teach the Children International’ on Saturday denounced the separatist polisario militia’s recruitment and use of child soldiers in the camps of Tindouf, located in southwestern Algeria. “Teach the Children International continues to stand with those who use the UN human rights bodies to condemn the Polisario for the recruitment and use of child soldiers in the Tindouf camps in Algeria,” said the president of the American NGO, Nancy Huff. In these camps, the polisario militias indulge with impunity in the indoctrination of children, she said in a statement. “Having visited the Tindouf camps on several occasions, I have witnessed firsthand polisario’s indoctrination of the children living in the camps,” Huff underlined, noting that these children “learn to hate anyone and any party that differs with them.” “It is not surprising that the polisario recruits these same children as soldiers,” said the president of Teach the Children International.